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HH Classical is dedicated to preserving the art of classical dressage. Our training methods adhere the principles of the Old Masters.  

This system understands and protects the gentle nature of the horse and works with each individual physically as well as psychologically.  

The academic way of learning to ride is a long one.  Nothing is rushed and there are no shortcuts.  We take care to always enjoy the journey.

   Xenophon, a Greek cavalry officer, wrote the first known treatise on the principles of  horsemanship in approximately 400 B.C.E.  An advocate of a  patient, methodical approach to training which capitalized on the horse’s own natural movements and pride of spirit, Xenophon set the standards for future masters.

   Along with a flowering of art and architecture inspired by the rediscovery of classical Greek and Roman models, the Renaissance witnessed a rebirth of  Xenophon’s classical approach to horsemanship.  Just as in art, where the  classical principles of order, balance and proportion combined with the new theory of perspective to create great masterpieces, in riding, Xenophon’s insistence on patience and respect for the horse’s noble nature combined  with increasingly well articulated theories on the training of both horse and rider to produce an ideal of lightness and harmony without the sacrifice of power.

   Contemporary masters, including the incomparable Nuno Oliveira of Portugal, have kept alive the tradition of balance, lightness and harmony. As Oliveira and others before him taught, nothing can be achieved by force, but only through patience and a profound sympathy for the nature of the horse.  The classical tradition continues today at HH Classical where the  creatures you see are truly living works of art.

Training & Boarding

Available to clients at the following rates:
Full Board:    $700 per month
Full Training:    $1400 month
Private Lesson:    $70 per hour

Please contact us for more information.


HH Classical offers riding lessons for all levels of skill and riding ability.  Classical dressage teaches complete harmony between horse and rider.  

The message of the classical school is that while your mind and body are being trained, always one must listen to the heart.  Sensitivity as well as technique is essential.  

In addition, this classical philosophy develops a more humble, patient, sensitive and respectful human being.  In time, this philosophy permeates all aspects of ones life.

 HH Classical, LLC

Celebrating the Art of Classical Horsemanship

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Celebrating the Art of Classical Horsemanship

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